Sightseeing Bus

English guided sightseeing bus "Perfect Nara Park Tour"

  • You will visit Todaiji Temple (Nandaimon/Great Buddha Hall) and Kasuga Taisha Shrine (main shrine), which are registered as World Heritage Sites. You will also see the summit of Mt. Wakakusa, which offers a splendid view of the grass-covered mountain. A national interpreter-guide in English will guide your tour.
  • The bus you will be traveling on has 3 rows of independent seats, providing a relaxed and comfortable manner to tour the famous spots in Nara Park.
  • At Kasuga Taisha Shrine, you will visit the main shrine and have the opportunity to draw a deer fortune (English version).
  • At the summit of Mt. Wakakusa, you will have a panoramic view of Nara city. But the real thrill awaits in Nara Park, where you can feed rice crackers to the friendly deer, a unique and exciting opportunity.
  • The price includes bus fare, English guide fee, temple entrance fee, deer fortune fortune-telling paper fee, deer cracker fee, and consumption tax. It's a great deal!

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  • A reasonable price including bus fare & admission fees!
  • No worry about transferring for tourist spot!
  • Enjoy the tour with an audio guide in English and Chinese(FREE)!

【B】 3 Historic Monuments in Nara Park

  • Click HERE (PDF) for the operation day

  • Half-day Tour

  • 5,000yen

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【A】 3 Historic Monuments in Nara Park & Mt. Wakakusa

  • Click HERE (PDF) for the operation day

  • Half-day Tour

  • 6,300yen

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【C】 Horyuji temple & Nishinokyo area

  • Everyday

  • 1-day Tour

  • 10,500yen

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About the gift

Gifts For You (A ,B, C courses)

Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Company is preparing a gift for passengers on regular sightseeing buses. Wish you have a great time and good memory from here!♪♪♪

Ticket office

  • You can join a tour on the day if there are seats available.
    Please check with Bus ticket office for space availability of the tours.


+81-742-22-5110(Japanese only)
(Open everyday 9:00~19:00

About the discounts:

Combination Fare

  • Participate in two or more courses for two consecutive days and receive a 30% discount on all courses from the second one onward.
  • These offers are not available in conjunction with other discounts. Before boarding, please present proof of previous bus boarding (boarding ticket, etc.) at the Sightseeing Bus Office.

Group Fare

  • Group discounts apply for groups with 8 or more people and provides 10% off bus fare.


  • Occasionally, the arrival time is delayed due to traffic congestion.
  • Reservations can be made up to 1 month prior to your tour date.
    You can join a tour on the day without a reservation if there are seats available. Please check with the Bus ticket Office for space availability of the tours.
  • Please settle all ticket matters 20 minutes before departure time at the Sightseeing Bus Office on the day.
  • We can rent out an audio guide system in English and Chinese(free of charge).The number of available audio guide devices is limited.
    Please apply for one when buying your ticket for a regular tour course.
  • Visitors who bought tickets from a tour company must exchange them for a reserved-seat ticket on the day of departure.
  • The fare includes the bus fare and the admission fee. Children are considered those of pre-school age.
  • C-course includes meals, but A and B course does not include meals.
  • Bus parking lots are sometimes located some distance from the sightseeing spot and may require a few minutes' walk following your guide. Don't get lost!
  • Please note that for the comfort of tour participants, smoking is prohibited on all tour buses.
  • Please fasten your seat belt when the bus's engine is on.