Sightseeing Bus

  • A reasonable price including bus fare & admission fees!
  • No worry about transferring for tourist spot!
  • Enjoy the tour with an audio guide in English and Chinese(FREE)!

【Q1】 3 Historic Monuments in Nara Park

  • Daily

  • Half-day Morning Tour

  • 3,500yen

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【R1】 3 Historic Monuments in Nara Park & Kasuga-Okuyama Driveway

  • Daily

  • Half-day Morning Tour

  • 4,500yen

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【R2】 Horyuji temple & Nishinokyo area

  • Daily

  • 1-day Morning Tour

  • 7,200 ~ 7,500yen

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About the gift

Gifts You Get (Q1 ,R1 & R2 courses)

Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Company is preparing many presents for passengers on regular sightseeing buses like the Yamato Green Tea, known as the root of Japanese tea.
And for the children, we prepared a lovely stuffed toy deer. Have a great time!♪♪♪

Ticket office

  • You can join a tour on the day if there are seats available.
    Please check with Bus ticket office for space availability of the tours.


+81-742-22-5110(Japanese only)
(Open everyday 8:30~19:00)

About the discounts:

Combination Fare

  • Participate in two or more courses for two consecutive days and receive a 30% discount on all courses from the second one onward.
  • These offers are not available in conjunction with other discounts. Before boarding, please present proof of previous bus boarding (boarding ticket, etc.) at the Sightseeing Bus Office.

Group Fare

  • Group discounts apply for groups with 8 or more people and provides 10% off bus fare.


  • Occasionally, the arrival time is delayed due to traffic congestion.
  • Reservations can be made up to 3 months prior to your tour date.
    You can join a tour on the day without a reservation if there are seats available. Please check with the Bus ticket Office for space availability of the tours.
  • Please settle all ticket matters 20 minutes before departure time at the Sightseeing Bus Office on the day.
  • We can rent out an audio guide system in English and Chinese(free of charge).The number of available audio guide devices is limited.
    Please apply for one when buying your ticket for a regular tour course.
  • Visitors who bought tickets from a tour company must exchange them for a reserved-seat ticket on the day of departure.
  • The fare includes the bus fare and the admission fee. Children are considered those of pre-school age.
  • Lunch is optional. Please make a reservation in advance at the ticket counter.
  • Bus parking lots are sometimes located some distance from the sightseeing spot and may require a few minutes' walk following your guide. Don't get lost!
  • Please note that for the comfort of tour participants, smoking is prohibited on all tour buses.
  • Please fasten your seat belt when the bus's engine is on.