Asuka Village

Asuka Bus Route Map

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Fare(One way)

From Kashiharajingumae Sta. East Exit
  Adult Child
¥290 ¥150
¥270 ¥140
Ishibutai ¥380 ¥190
Takamatsuzuka ¥430 ¥220
Asuka Sta. ¥460 ¥230
From Ishibutai
  Adult Child
Sta. East Exit
¥380 ¥190
Asuka Sta. ¥280 ¥140

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Fare Adult:¥650 Child:¥330
Ticket Office
  • Asuka General Information Center "Asukabito-no-yakata"
  • Asuka village Sightseeing Association
  • Ishibutai Parking
  • Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Co., Ltd.
    Sakurai Information Center, Yagi Information Center

Tour and event information.


  • The weekdays August 13th to 15th will be operated with the Saturday schedule.
  • Between December 30th to the 3rd of January will be operated with the Sunday and holiday schedule.
  • Depending on traffic conditions it may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding.