JR Nara/Kintetsu Nara Station ⇔ Shinjuku Tokyo

From JR Nara/Kintetsu Nara Station to go to Shinjuku Tokyo, should go to Tenri Station first, and change the Gojo-Shinjuku Liner from there!
We have buses running between JR Nara/Kintetsu Nara Station and Tenri Station. The bus fare is 620 yen. But you can ride for free by making a reservation in advance or showing the same-day express bus ticket to the driver.

Timetable as follow:
JR Nara Sta.④ 22:16 → Kintetsu Nara Sta.③ 22:22 → Tenri Sta. 22:52

Time Table "SHINJUKU ⇔ GOJO"


Gojo Bus Center (1) 21:10
Sugawa 21:17
Kintetsu Gose Sta. 21:34
Oshimi Bus Center 21:38
Takadashi Sta. 21:44
Kintetsu Takada Sta. 21:55
Yamato Yagi Sta. South Exit (2) 22:15
Sakurai Sta. North Exit (2) 22:35
Tenri Sta. (3) 23:00
Yamatokogen Tsuge 23:20
Yamatokogen Yamazoe 23:33
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 4F *
(Shinjuku Sta. South Exit)


Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 4F *
(Shinjuku Sta. South Exit)
Yamatokogen Yamazoe 5:42
Yamatokogen Tsuge 5:55
Tenri Sta. 6:15
Sakurai Sta. North Exit 6:40
Yamato Yagi Sta. 7:00
Kintetsu Takada Sta. 7:20
Takadashi Sta. 7:28
Oshimi Bus Center 7:37
Kintetsu Gose Sta. 7:41
Sugawa 7:58
Gojo Bus Center 8:05

*Extra buses at the busy seasons stops at the Shinjuku Sta. West Exit.
(Please get on and get off at the Shinjuku Sta. West Exit )


from 5,980 yen ~

*The fares depend on the date.